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“Music and sound design are essential to elevating a film project and Jason Hausman is masterful at both. He always brings his “A” game – keen sensitivity to the subject matter and the highest level of creativity. Then, he tops it off with enthusiasm, kindness and an unfailing cheerful demeanor.”

— Beverly Penninger - NAKA Productions

“We’ve gone to Jason for many years on projects to help shape audio design and music enhancement for our fans at Hornets games. The results are always high-quality and Jason’s passion, commitment, and expertise is second to none.”

— Josh Kramer, Senior Vice President - Hornets Sports & Entertainment

“We always get excited when Jason gets to add sound design and music to our animations. Jason is the man to talk to when you want custom fitted sound for your project. Nothing about his process is cookie-cutter, everything is driven by heart and personal attention to detail.”

— Nathaniel Howe, Creative Director - Nathaniel Howe Studios

“An admired colleague and a creative genius – Jason brings a sensitivity to the process that takes everything to a whole new level.”

— Ron Edelen, Chief Creative Officer - Myjive

“Hausman is passionate about music and sound. He has the gift to create as a composer and the ability to mix as a post audio engineer. More importantly, he has the determination to take the time to get it just right which makes him rare…and special.”

— Scott Galloway, Director - Susie Films

“Jason conjures beauty for the ears every time he embarks on a project. I am constantly amazed at how he brings my work to life. A consummate professional, he is always having a good day and always striving for excellence and beyond.”

— Thom Blackburn, Creative Director - Wondersmith

“Jason attacks every project with an open mind and a fresh perspective. I’ve watched him create symphonies out of the mundane sounds of coffee grinders and frying bacon. When I want great, he’s who I call. He’d jump through glass for his clients – ONLY, of course, if the glass sounds amazing.”

— John Roberts, VP Executive Creative Director - Wray Ward


sonic_samurai - May 22

One of the best dudes ever @love3stripes !! Great time talking shop @cltindependence - the beautiful game. #soccer #futbol #charlotteiscreative #jacksmilitia #jackshouse


sonic_samurai - May 21

What a fun day in the woods! Visit and follow my @AmericanFalconer page!! Fun reptile day with @bandofett and #snakes #copperhead #indigosnake #ringnecksnake #nature #outdoors #adventure


sonic_samurai - May 17

Not a morning person unless I am coming at it from the other direction. Yet, I have to admit, getting up at the crack of dawn and composing for 2 hours every morning is working for me. #composer #composerlife #studiolife @nativeinstruments #maschinemk3 @samplelogic @spitfireaudio @heavyocity


sonic_samurai - May 13

My long-time friend and supreme supporter of local music, Divakar Shukla, will be playing the new iRoc Omega ( Christian Brown ) “It’s All On You’ single this Sunday (tomorrow May 13th) night on his radio show Underexposed on 106.5 FM between 8-10. Check it out online - link in my profile. I wrote and produced this track feat. Snoop Dogg and my good friend Dre Rock (Andre McDonald) as well as a bunch of local artists I brought into the studio to help bring this track to life. Thanks to Jessica Borgnis, Jason Atkins, Troy Conn, Archie Pearson, and Matt Postle!


sonic_samurai - May 12

The Business People (@connorhausman ) are headlining soon at the benefit for The School of Rock at Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery on Davidson St - NODA #comeonout


sonic_samurai - May 08

In scoring mode, for NAKA Productions. Post-Rock meets Native American instrumentation. Don’t mind if I do! #studiolife #composer #sounddesigner #scoring #documentary @twonotesaudio @diffusionaudio @mesaengineering @nativeinstruments @heavyocity @strymonengineering


sonic_samurai - May 04

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3. Portable workstation. #maschine @nativeinstruments @monocreators #studiolife #composer #producer #sounddesign


sonic_samurai - May 03

Yessssss!!! With @elihausman @thesmartlab @scott_lazer #cantwait #jcole #musicfestival #hiphop #rap #dreamville #dreamvillefest


sonic_samurai - April 29

The Business People playing soon!! @thebusinesspeople #skylarksocialclub #comeout!! With @connorhausman and @elihausman


sonic_samurai - April 27

The work horse. #fender #telecaster #studiolife #composer #producer


sonic_samurai - April 25

Loving this @we.are.roli Seaboard Rise!! Working on the sound for a very cool animated logo, soon to be seen and heard on Netflix!! #studiolife #producer #composer #sounddesigner @strymonengineering


sonic_samurai - April 25

My Oldfield Marquis 15 in Hot Sakē red. Running her this morning into my @twonotesaudio Torpedo Reload! The Two Notes products have changed the way I work in the studio. Love their stuff! @diffusionaudio @oldfieldamps #studiolife #producer #composer #sounddesigner @strymonengineering


sonic_samurai - April 22

Late night. Loving my new mobile production rig. Still looking to add one more piece from my friends @we.are.roli and a C.A.B. from @twonotesaudio & @diffusionaudio #composer #producer #sounddesigner #sounddesign #music #roli #logicprox #nativeinstruments


sonic_samurai - April 21

What a fun gig for Thomas Built Buses dealer meeting in Orlando, FL at the Gaylord Palms Resort! Big shout out to my dude, @danhoodmusic for slaying it on guitar!! And very special thanks TBB the people @thomasbuiltbuses #studiolife #inspiringcompany @we.are.roli #composer


sonic_samurai - April 20

Wandering around the massive and beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando. Here to perform for one of my favorite clients!! #canttalkaboutityet #shhh #studiolife #lovemyjob #composer #sounddesign @we.are.roli @danhoodmusic


sonic_samurai - April 18

This changes everything. So badass. #preach #hiphop #rap #kendricklamar #pulitzer #recognize


sonic_samurai - April 14

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am to be doing what I am doing for a living. This year has already been filled with some of the coolest gigs with incredibly cool and trusting creatives. What a career, what a life! #thankyou #studiolife #composer #sounddesigner and thanks for the support from these badass companies (Love my gear!) @we.are.roli @strymonengineering @reverendguitars @oldfieldamps @jcoobs @twonotesaudio @thegigrig


sonic_samurai - April 08

iRoc Omega • Snoop Dogg • Dre’ Rock • Jason Hausman - Sneak Peak at the new single! Link in my profile. #hiphop #rap #composer #hiphopproducer #producer #beats


sonic_samurai - April 07

Proud to have composed and produced this track for iRoc Omega feat: Snoop Dogg and Dre’ Rock! LINK in PROFILE! #composer #producer #hiphopproducer #rapproducer #hiphop #rap #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - April 02

When you blatantly walk up to the candy bowl at one of your favorite Thai restaurants so many times to steal a handful of candy from behind the counter (with their permission of course), that they finally tell you that you can get giant bags of it for $2.99 just a couple doors down. #forthewin #studiolife