Brighter. Together.

When the team at Wray Ward asked me to work on this project for GE, I instantly knew I wanted to tie it in with Emily Sage and our new R&B/Alternative Hip-Hop venture SAGEHAUS. Once we showed the client the finished piece, we all knew it needed to be a single. So, Emily and I put what was to be our debut single, on the back burner and brought in a team of 704 friends to help us turn this :30 second commercial tune into a full-length single. Check it out by searching SAGEHAUS Brighter (feat. Yung Citizen and Maria Howell) on your favorite streaming platform.

Sheetz Freakz

Hausman/Hot Sakē + Tattoo Projects + Sheetz = BAM!!!

Winner of Best Video at the American Advertising Awards! One of my favorite projects of 2018 – such cool clients to work with! This shows what custom music/scoring to picture does for a project. Be sure to play it loud! (headphones even better!)

For Rudy.

Played By Hausman Vol.1

Volume 1 of my new music video series – Played By Hausman – with Ben Premeaux and Dan Hood, for Matt Olin and Tim Miner’s ongoing Biscuit CLT project. Matt and Tim are awesome. If you have not checked out CreativeMornings Charlotte or Charlotte is Creative, I highly recommend both!

Matt and Tim asked me to produce a monthly series where I perform a local business or product each month and then compose a piece of music from the sounds. They knew this was right up my alley as it is one of the most requested things I do for film scoring and commercial music.

I suggested that we feature a new solo artist each month and I asked CLT Cinematography badass Ben Premeaux if he would join me in this ongoing project. I was thrilled that he was down to collaborate. The first location is my second studio, Not Just Coffee Atherton Mill location. The first featured artist is guitarist and pedal steel player Dan Hood of The Blue Dogs and The Hoodies.

Thanks to Groundcrew for final mix and Gabby Obremski for help with the edit. And very special thanks to L, Alex and the rest of the crew at Not Just Coffee!

All sounds except piano, pedal steel and guitar are from Not Just Coffee.


Hot Sake was asked to compose music and create custom sound design for this hot spot for NC Education Lottery. Caffeine infused guitarists, fire dancers and amps cranked to 11. We have a hard time convincing people that we actually work for a living!


Original song by Jason Hausman
Written, recorded and performed by Jason Hausman
Featuring Dave Foster on lead guitar.

Scott Lazer
Director, Editor

Ben Premeaux
Director of Photography

Dancers – Megan Rindoks, Sarah Ingel, Sarah Lanners

Gabby Obremski – Production Assistant

Special thanks to Adam Coker of The Good Light, and Ross Wissbaum of Groundcrew Sound.

CreativeMornings Flyer

First of all, CreativeMornings Charlotte is awesome! So, when they handed out flyers at a meeting and said, “please post pics of these when you are doing sometime creative”, I decided to do something creative WITH the actual flyer. This little ditty ended up being sent out to 170+ CreativeMornings chapters all over the world.

The Works

Acting like kids again at Hot Sake. Playing with scissors, paper, ping pong balls and more. A really fun sound design project for NC Education Lottery!

100 Words 3D Logo

I was asked to create the sound design for the 100 Words Film Festival animated logo. I love working with the folks at Susie Films! Animated logos are one of my favorite projects. You have to build so much character in a very short amount of time.

1k Podcast

I was asked by Susie Films to explore the sound of time, by composing the theme music for 1k, a 1000 Second Podcast focused on entertainment. Brought to you by the creators of the 100 Word Film Festival.

The Journey

I was asked to score the 2017 American Advertising Awards. I wanted to build the score using sounds from the Rube Goldberg Machine that was built to represent the show theme, “The Journey”. Merging these captured elements with guitar, piano and other traditional instrumentation, I scored the show open, and built interstitials for the entire awards reel. Video by Mode.