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“Music and sound design are essential to elevating a film project and Jason Hausman is masterful at both. He always brings his “A” game – keen sensitivity to the subject matter and the highest level of creativity. Then, he tops it off with enthusiasm, kindness and an unfailing cheerful demeanor.”

— Beverly Penninger - NAKA Productions

“We’ve gone to Jason for many years on projects to help shape audio design and music enhancement for our fans at Hornets games. The results are always high-quality and Jason’s passion, commitment, and expertise is second to none.”

— Josh Kramer, Senior Vice President - Hornets Sports & Entertainment

“We always get excited when Jason gets to add sound design and music to our animations. Jason is the man to talk to when you want custom fitted sound for your project. Nothing about his process is cookie-cutter, everything is driven by heart and personal attention to detail.”

— Nathaniel Howe, Creative Director - Nathaniel Howe Studios

“An admired colleague and a creative genius – Jason brings a sensitivity to the process that takes everything to a whole new level.”

— Ron Edelen, Chief Creative Officer - Myjive

“Hausman is passionate about music and sound. He has the gift to create as a composer and the ability to mix as a post audio engineer. More importantly, he has the determination to take the time to get it just right which makes him rare…and special.”

— Scott Galloway, Director - Susie Films

“Jason conjures beauty for the ears every time he embarks on a project. I am constantly amazed at how he brings my work to life. A consummate professional, he is always having a good day and always striving for excellence and beyond.”

— Thom Blackburn, Creative Director - Wondersmith

“Jason attacks every project with an open mind and a fresh perspective. I’ve watched him create symphonies out of the mundane sounds of coffee grinders and frying bacon. When I want great, he’s who I call. He’d jump through glass for his clients – ONLY, of course, if the glass sounds amazing.”

— John Roberts, VP Executive Creative Director - Wray Ward


sonic_samurai - January 10

Rock... and Roll. #fendertelecaster #gibsonlespaul


sonic_samurai - January 09

Working on the No1 Tele, with @danhoodmusic - 100+ Year Old Indiana Barn Wood!!! Love this beast. Was time for new electronics by @fralinpickupsofficial #tele #telecaster #fender #fendertele #fralinpickups


sonic_samurai - January 09

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deuxe #dope #love


sonic_samurai - January 09

👊💀 Baby I dream between the blade and the tongue Of the rose on your cheek the wounded and dumb We stumble and fall we stumble and fall Skin on skin but there's heaven in... Heaven's in here Heaven's in here Among the twilight and stars Like a rocket to mars Heaven in here ~ Bowie


sonic_samurai - December 20

Me and Dan Hood throwing down on the Tattoo Projects/Sheetz TV spot!


sonic_samurai - December 17

For my Falconry, follow @americanfalconer


sonic_samurai - December 15

My brother from another mother, Dan Hood, absolutely killing it last night at the neighborhood with the Blue Dogs. @danhoodmusic


sonic_samurai - December 12

Another new film score release on iTunes, Spotify and beyond!! I was asked by EMMY winning Naka Productions to create a film score for their new documentary based around the Shoshone-Bannock tribes. When I brought up style they said, “we want you to do your thing!” (My favorite answer). I ended up building on a post rock (Sigur Ros, Radiohead) meets subtle hints of Hip-Hop vibe built around Native American flute, drums and vocals. One of the pieces features Multi-Grammy winning flautist Mary Youngblood on flute and vocals. Mary also added additional flute while additional percussion was provided by Jim Brock! Album art by Derek No-Sun Brown @no_sun mastering by Ross Wissbaum @wissbaum Look for the film as it makes the rounds at the film festivals before making its way to PBS. #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - December 12

Very proud to announce the release of my musical score for the film Sarah’s Big Day, by award winning writer/director Chris Baker @cbake1369 ! The last song features the incredible lead actress @elynjaimejenkins check it out on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find your jams. Album cover design by @thomblackburn mastering by Ross Wissbaum @wissbaum #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - December 07

Fun time @cm_clt this morning! Awesome performance by @gregcoxtho @emilysagemusic and @harveycummings #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - December 06

Yaaaasssss!! It’s here! The first edition. Found it at RoCo, in Plaza Midwood! Grab them up!! Print is not dead! This is our new go-to mag for arts in the Queen City!! @queencitynerve @thebusinesspeople


sonic_samurai - December 05

Morning jamz @notjustcoffee #studiolife #composer #producer #music @heavyocity @nativeinstruments @samplelogic @audiotechnicausa @soundtoys #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - November 19

Its alive!! 1982 Honda CB750k - so sweet is the sound. #82cb750 #1982cb750 #cb750 #cb750k #hondacb750


sonic_samurai - November 18

Great day for a ride. I do love this airhead. Hanging with @manfredwindsor @imperial5150 #bmwscrambler #bmwairhead #bmwr100


sonic_samurai - November 13



sonic_samurai - November 13

Coffee shop antics. @notjustcoffee @we.are.roli @nativeinstruments @heavyocity @samplelogic @apple


sonic_samurai - November 12

Thankful for this man, my father @lance.hausman who served in the Air Force. Badass, awesome dad, and coolest man I know. Also for @blakehaus (always a Marine) and my uncle Colin and so many others in my family who served. I love my family, I love my country. Thank you all who have protected all that I love, on this Veterans Day.


sonic_samurai - November 11

Still hard to believe it’s the same motorcycle. #bmwscrambler #bmwairhead #bmwr100 #bmwmotorcycle


sonic_samurai - November 10

Catawba Brewing with @manfredwindsor getting ready to roll to @thecommonmarketsouthend #bmwscrambler #bmwmotorcycle #bmwairhead #bmwr100


sonic_samurai - November 06

Second studio. @notjustcoffee #studio #studiolife #hiphop #composer #producer