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“Music and sound design are essential to elevating a film project and Jason Hausman is masterful at both. He always brings his “A” game – keen sensitivity to the subject matter and the highest level of creativity. Then, he tops it off with enthusiasm, kindness and an unfailing cheerful demeanor.”

— Beverly Penninger - NAKA Productions

“We’ve gone to Jason for many years on projects to help shape audio design and music enhancement for our fans at Hornets games. The results are always high-quality and Jason’s passion, commitment, and expertise is second to none.”

— Josh Kramer, Senior Vice President - Hornets Sports & Entertainment

“We always get excited when Jason gets to add sound design and music to our animations. Jason is the man to talk to when you want custom fitted sound for your project. Nothing about his process is cookie-cutter, everything is driven by heart and personal attention to detail.”

— Nathaniel Howe, Creative Director - Nathaniel Howe Studios

“An admired colleague and a creative genius – Jason brings a sensitivity to the process that takes everything to a whole new level.”

— Ron Edelen, Chief Creative Officer - Myjive

“Hausman is passionate about music and sound. He has the gift to create as a composer and the ability to mix as a post audio engineer. More importantly, he has the determination to take the time to get it just right which makes him rare…and special.”

— Scott Galloway, Director - Susie Films

“Jason conjures beauty for the ears every time he embarks on a project. I am constantly amazed at how he brings my work to life. A consummate professional, he is always having a good day and always striving for excellence and beyond.”

— Thom Blackburn, Creative Director - Wondersmith

“Jason attacks every project with an open mind and a fresh perspective. I’ve watched him create symphonies out of the mundane sounds of coffee grinders and frying bacon. When I want great, he’s who I call. He’d jump through glass for his clients – ONLY, of course, if the glass sounds amazing.”

— John Roberts, VP Executive Creative Director - Wray Ward


sonic_samurai - February 22

Ben Premeaux is a beast. That is all. 📷📷📷 @smARTlab


sonic_samurai - February 22

Working on the first episode of a new video series. Secret for now, but dropping next week! #studiolife #composer #producer #songwriter @thesmartlab @danhoodmusic


sonic_samurai - February 22

Whether it’s forward or backwards, gotta keep moving. #scoring #addyawards #newtools #push2 #ableton #composer #studiolife


sonic_samurai - February 19

Encore. @jamesblake w/ @connorhausman @elihausman


sonic_samurai - February 19



sonic_samurai - February 19

Me boyz. @jamesblake


sonic_samurai - February 19

Gearing up for James Blake!! Yessss! w/ @connorhausman @elihausman and @jamesblake #jamesblake


sonic_samurai - February 13

I think I’m just gonna put this right here. #tigernation #clemson #bfaphotography


sonic_samurai - February 12

I have 3 extra balcony tickets with VIP Room passes to see James Blake at The Tabernacle in ATL Monday Feb 18th. I will sell the set for exactly what I paid for them ($231). DM me for details. Posting on Stub Hub for more money later tonight. #jamesblake


sonic_samurai - February 06

The flags are flying today, for Bob Marley. #❤️ #bobmarley #jamaica #nowomannocry


sonic_samurai - February 06

I can’t say enough about the people here. So lovely. Good vibes... one love. #jamaica


sonic_samurai - February 04

Not too shabby! #montigobay #jamaica


sonic_samurai - February 01

No dude, I will not take .36¢ and a piece of gum for my 1976 Les Paul Deluxe! Sheesh, kids these days! #lovethislittledude #futureguitarist #lespaul #gibson #gibsonlespaul


sonic_samurai - February 01

Exciting new ongoing project began today with @thesmartlab and @groundcrew_sound feat: @danhoodmusic and @notjustcoffee #music #sounddesign #studiolife


sonic_samurai - January 23

The love is real! @connorhausman modeling @strymonengineering I am proud to be an endorsing artist for this incredibly creative and supportive company. #studiolife #strymon #strymonengineering


sonic_samurai - January 21

Another great music project with the gang @tattooprojects for Sheetz! This nasty lil’ electronic groove can be heard on TV very soon! #thinkreallybigfootballgame


sonic_samurai - January 21

Fun afternoon working with some talented kids from Extravadance!


sonic_samurai - January 19

My Rubicon got some new shoes! #mickeythompson #bfgoodrich #jeepwrangler #jeeprubicon


sonic_samurai - January 10

Rock... and Roll. #fendertelecaster #gibsonlespaul


sonic_samurai - January 09

Working on the No1 Tele, with @danhoodmusic - 100+ Year Old Indiana Barn Wood!!! Love this beast. Was time for new electronics by @fralinpickupsofficial #tele #telecaster #fender #fendertele #fralinpickups