sonic_samurai - August 25

This glorious place. #montana #bozeman #lastbestplace #muledeer #nofilter


sonic_samurai - August 25

#Montana #bozeman #lastbestplace #nofilter


sonic_samurai - August 20

“Good morning, son I am a bird Wearing a brown polyester shirt You want a Coke? Maybe some fries? The roast beef combo's only nine ninety five But it's okay You don't have to pay I've got all the change Everybody knows It hurts to grow up And everybody does It's so weird to be back here Let me tell you what The years go on and We're still fighting it We're still fighting it” ~ Ben Folds @eli.hausman


sonic_samurai - August 19

Falconry, with a random bird in Jackson, WY w/ @eli.hausman #falconry #outdoors #wilderness #adventure #birdsofinstagram @jennhaus @connorhausman


sonic_samurai - August 19

I am a big fan. #tetons #tetonsnationalpark #jacksonhole #wyoming


sonic_samurai - August 18

Just another shot of this landmark barn. #wyoming #jacksonhole


sonic_samurai - August 14

Check out the SAGEHAUS single, ‘Brighter’ on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. feat. @yungcitizen and @mariasingsacts #alternativehiphop #neosoul #r&b #producer 📷 @heatherlieblerphoto @cltiscreative


sonic_samurai - August 12

Back in #montana!! @samantha.yarborough @yarby @addisonmaewhite #lastbestplace


sonic_samurai - August 02

Finally got this TELLY Award in the mail. Long time coming. #amajoraward #fragile #telly #tellyawards #studiolife #sounddesign


sonic_samurai - August 01

Just a snippet of the new SAGEHAUS single ‘Brighter’ w/ @emilysagemusic . The song can be found on all online music outlets, and is also featured on the @wray_ward national advertising campaign for @generalelectric - the song feat. @yungcitizen and @mariasingsacts with @cr3scendo & @danhoodmusic - video content, photos and album cover by @elihausman - additional photos by @heatherlieblerphoto - SAGEHAUS logo by @teddyshipley thanks to @groundcrew_sound @wissbaum and @connorhausman #cltiscreative #charlotteiscreative #sagehaus #studiolife


sonic_samurai - July 31

Nope, we aren’t having any fun. #SAGEHAUS Debut Single out now on all digital music retailers. Feat. @yungcitizen and @mariasingsacts with @cr3scendo @danhoodmusic 📷 @heatherlieblerphoto #studiolife #producer #r&b #hiphop #charlotteiscreative @cm_clt


sonic_samurai - July 30

An immense talent and beautiful soul. I’m gonna miss this girl. #dontbeastranger #intern #pianist #composer #studiolife @emmafreas @queensuniv


sonic_samurai - July 20

@arsenal match with my gal! Awesome birthday gift!! @jennhaus #arsenal #futbol #soccer #internationalchampionscup #icc2019


sonic_samurai - July 15

My dude @yungcitizen with @emanthemann smashing it tonight with the rest of this incredible band. Great to hang with @elihausman @emmafreas @emilysagemusic @cameronaavery @wearekhem and so many others. Great night @eveningmuse #rap #hiphop #music


sonic_samurai - July 14

So proud to show this work for @wray_ward for @generalelectric - awesome project with awesome clients. Thanks to @emilysagemusic @danhoodmusic @emmafreas and @groundcrew_sound for their fantastic work on this project. #studiolife #composer #producer


sonic_samurai - July 11

Our debut single “Brighter” is coming soon! w/ @emilysagemusic and Feat. @yungcitizen & @mariasingsacts - Backup vocals by @cr3scendo - logo design by @teddyshipley album cover photo by @elihausman produced and recorded at Hot Sakē w/some help from @danhoodmusic @wissbaum and @connorhausman special thanks to @wray_ward and @generalelectric #soulmusic #alternativehiphop #music #popmusic #composer #producer #studiolife #charlotteiscreative @cltiscreative


sonic_samurai - July 09

We layered and layered vocal parts, and then turned my dear friend Maria Howell @mariasingsacts loose on them. Preach girl! 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 @emilysagemusic #studiolife #composer #producer #singer #alternativehiphop #soul @yungcitizen @cr3scendo #charlotteiscreative @cltiscreative


sonic_samurai - July 08

I can’t begin to explain how much fun it was to be surrounded by all this talent and positive energy in the studio today. Such beautiful souls. Missed my @sagehausmusic partner Emily @emilysagemusic but she was there in spirit. SAGEHAUS singles are coming soon! Thanks to the young man behind the camera @elihausman #charlotteiscreative @cltiscreative


sonic_samurai - July 05

Working on elements for a new single with @emilysagemusic and @yungcitizen #studiolife #producer #composer #althiphop #alternativehiphop


sonic_samurai - June 27

Don’t talk about Fight Club! This project is off-the-charts good!! Can’t wait for it to drop! @wray_ward #composer #sounddesign #producer #music


sonic_samurai - June 25

This girl is so happy to have a slice of pizza bigger than her head!! The cool, smart and insanely talented @emmafreas - doing some badass things as the Hot Sakē summer intern from @queensuniv #studiolife


sonic_samurai - June 25

Proud to receive this TELLY Award for my music score contribution to Naka Productions’ incredible documentary on the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes!


sonic_samurai - June 18

Knocking ‘em down for @wray_ward with @emilysagemusic @danhoodmusic #studiolife #producer #composer #scoring #music


sonic_samurai - June 16

I know I say it all the time, but I seriously have the coolest dad ever. Father = Best Friend in Clan Hausman. Happy Father’s Day, Pop. Thank you for being the real deal through thick and thin. I love you @lance.hausman #mydadsabadass #coolestdadever


sonic_samurai - June 07

@cm_clt taking pictures of us, taking pictures of... us! Thanks for the love, Creative Mornings! It is definitely mutual. Speaking of love, my bud Rebecca Henderson, was an awesome speaker this morning! @jennhaus @fullgroanadult @wray_ward #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - June 06

Kicking around some sound design and mix for a TV commercial for, with badasses @wheelhousemedia - Greatness Grows Here @soccerdotcom #womensworldcup #womensworldcup2019 #studiolife #producer #composer #sounddesigner #sounddesign @we.are.roli #onlyonseaboard @strymonengineering @heavyocity @samplelogic @nativeinstruments @izotopeinc @ableton #logicprox @soundtoys @softubestudios @twonotesaudio


sonic_samurai - May 30

One of my hero’s. One of the great voices to walk this earth. So glad I got to see him live at The Brewery in Raleigh, and more so that I got to spend a little time talking life and music with him. He was as gracious as he was gifted. We lost him not long after... 22 years ago today. One of our brightest lights went out. #jeffbuckley


sonic_samurai - May 21

I’d like to welcome Queens University piano student Emma Freas to Hot Sakē for her summer internship. We are already having a blast! She is a very talented pianist, so plans are to get her playing on some upcoming projects. @emmafreas @queensuniv #studiolife #composer #producer #filmscore #commercialmusic #sounddesign


sonic_samurai - May 07

Here we have the newest Played By Hausman! For this one, @cltiscreative had me head over to one of their favorite printers, Boingo Graphics! Boingo has one of the coolest print shops in the area and they knew this was going to be a great fit for this video series. Although Boingo has some the most advanced printing technology around, Cinematographer Ben Premeaux could not pull his camera away from all the vintage/historic print machines that they still maintain. The visuals, with all the older moving parts, are what make this video come alive! Chosen for the soloist for this piece is CPCC Professor of Music Matt Postle on Trumpet. ALL other “instruments" in this composition are sounds from the Boingo Graphics shop. Composed and performed by Jason Hausman at Hot Sakē Cinematography by Ben Premeaux Edited by Maverick Floyd Mixed at Groundcrew Sound Feat Artist: Matt Postle @pattmostle (CPCC Professor of Music) - Trumpet Just a few of the sounds used: Stitchers Shuffled Paper Stacks Warning Buzzer (turned into a bass synth sound) Gears Levers Paper Cutter And so much more @afewminertweaks @mattolincreative @boingographics @thesmartlab @sonic_samurai @groundcrew_sound @mavfloedits


sonic_samurai - May 06

Working on a new project. #studiolife #ableton #abletonpush2 @notjustcoffee @emilysagemusic


sonic_samurai - May 04

Just a little Saturday morning walking-through-the-grass-of-Vietnam Foley recording. #studiolife


sonic_samurai - May 03

So great to see my good friend and incredible voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick @kbvoiceovers and her Jeep!! Sharing the Jeep love! 📷 @wissbaum #studiolife #jeeplife


sonic_samurai - May 03

So much fun hanging with friends @cm_clt this morning!! Some cool 360 shots by my brother in arms @thesmartlab - @emmafreas @afewminertweaks @mattolincreative


sonic_samurai - April 27

Cool shot of me and Eli @elihausman watching the incredible @earthgang at the 2019 @dreamvillefest with @scott_lazer and @thesmartlab #dreamvillefest #dreamville #earthgang #hiphop #rap #studiolife #producer #composer


sonic_samurai - April 27

A great week made better. Beers with my brother, John Roberts @cray.ward at @sycamorebrewing


sonic_samurai - April 22

What a way to start the week with some of my favorite people!! @merenator @mattolincreative and @afewminertweaks - a planned “short meeting” about our ongoing series Played By Hausman turned into gameshow antics on camera! Kudos to Tim Miner for knowing more about Disney characters than any grown man should. We would have been so embarrassed without him. And to Matt Olin for being able to pull off some great impromptu vocals on some Disney classics. Charlotte is indeed creative! Last but not least, my new friend, @merenator - so much joy, love and inspiration packed into one human being it is almost overwhelming. @ryanfoundation @levinechildrens and @thesmartlab @groundcrew_sound #cltiscreative #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - April 18

One of my go-to sound design tools. The Butler Animal Health Supply pill bottle microphone. $5 and worth every penny! #meetsallusprequirements #microphone #miccheck #sounddesign #composer #studiolife #cheapmic @myfathersbrothers @theshawnk


sonic_samurai - April 18

Sometimes, after hitting, tapping, scraping, and bowing thousands of objects while collecting sounds for my compositions, I run across something that makes the most staggering and complex statement. This morning was one of those moments. Coming soon to Played By Hausman and @cltiscreative @thesmartlab @gab_fabulous #playedbyhausman #youvebeenplayed #cltiscreative #charlotteiscreative #studiolife #composer #sounddesign #producer


sonic_samurai - April 12

A bunch of crazy kids hanging at @notjustcoffee - @afewminertweaks @heatherlieblerphoto @thegohjo #charlotteiscreative @cltiscreative @cm_clt


sonic_samurai - April 09

One of the coolest things about being in this industry is getting shoutouts. Thanks @nelly , for the love. #dreamville #nelly #dreamvillefest #studiolife #producer #hiphop #rap #beats


sonic_samurai - April 08

My love for my sons is beyond words. I was fortunate to have two young men who are also my best fiends. I am gonna miss this youngest dude when he rolls out to Montana State University to study film and photography in the Fall. I am thankful for all the time I have been able to spend with him, through falconry, soccer, travel and music. This weekend was incredible. Thanks to J. Cole and @dreamvillefest for bringing 40,000 people together in a park for a day of incredible music, peace and love. That moment when Cole asked 40k strangers to put their arms around each other and sway back and forth to his music will forever be burned in my brain. The future is now. #peace #hiphop #rap #dreamville #jcole @jidsv @earthgang @realcoleworld @scott_lazer @thesmartlab @elihausman @connorhausman


sonic_samurai - April 07

I played drums for KISS before they got big. Wish I still had that drum kit. So dope. @pringlesus #kissarmy #pringles #drums #drumset #drummer #studiolife


sonic_samurai - April 07

J. Cole throwing down at the first Dreamville Festival. What an incredible day with @elihausman @thesmartlab @scott_lazer #rap #hiphop #dreamville @dreamvillefest


sonic_samurai - April 05

As I am trying to get my game happening with Ableton Live and the Push 2, (I am a Logic Pro guy) I have realized that making a simple beat every day might help me get my shit together. This is V1 made up of organic sound samples recorded by me. Kinda sounds like a junk yard. So, I think I’ll dub it “Junk Yard Dog”. #beats #producer #ableton #push2


sonic_samurai - March 27

Sneak preview shots from the incredible Ben Premeaux @thesmartlab of Matt Postle, my feat artist for Played By Hausman Vol.2!! Dropping soon! @cltiscreative @gab_fabulous


sonic_samurai - March 20

Still #teletuesday - Live on stage with Sunshone Still. #studiolife #telecaster


sonic_samurai - March 19

More creativity brewing with my brother Ben Premeaux @thesmartlab for @cltiscreative #studiolife #playedbyhausman


sonic_samurai - March 13

When you are addicted to working with original samples from the world around you. #oneworldoneenergy #studiolife #ableton #abletonlive #abletonpush2 #beats


sonic_samurai - March 08

Women’s day? #everyday #❤️


sonic_samurai - March 07

Working working working. Music music music. ;) #lovemyjob #studiolife #charlotteiscreative


sonic_samurai - March 02

On our way to Bozeman, MT to tour Montana State University’s School if Film and Photography. (-2 degrees) #bobcats #bozeman #bozemanmontana @elihausman @eli.hausman


sonic_samurai - March 01

American Advertising Awards Best In Video!! Scoring this project (with my buddy Dan Hood) for Tattoo Projects and Sheetz was one of the many highlights of 2018. This music is raw, visceral and yet still quite slick. I just love the way it is all over the place but still feels cohesive.


sonic_samurai - March 01

American Advertising Awards Best in Show!! Proud to be a part (the sound design part) of BooneOakley’s Best in Show win for OBX at the 2018 AA Awards with my brothers from Wondersmith! #workwithfriends #studiolife


sonic_samurai - February 27

Played By Hausman Vol. 1 - first in a new series for @cltiscreative featuring Guitarist @danhoodmusic (The Blue Dogs) at @notjustcoffee and shot by my partner in crime for this venture, Ben Premeaux @thesmartlab editing @gab_fabulous mixed @groundcrew_sound #charlotteiscreative #cltiscreative


sonic_samurai - February 24

Great time hanging out with @camelcitysoundproductionmusic @audioutlaw today learning my way around Ableton Live and Push 2. #ableton #push2 #abletonpush2


sonic_samurai - February 22

Ben Premeaux is a beast. That is all. 📷📷📷 @smARTlab


sonic_samurai - February 22

Working on the first episode of a new video series. Secret for now, but dropping next week! #studiolife #composer #producer #songwriter @thesmartlab @danhoodmusic


sonic_samurai - February 19

Me boyz. @jamesblake


sonic_samurai - February 19

Gearing up for James Blake!! Yessss! w/ @connorhausman @elihausman and @jamesblake #jamesblake


sonic_samurai - January 21

Another great music project with the gang @tattooprojects for Sheetz! This nasty lil’ electronic groove can be heard on TV very soon! #thinkreallybigfootballgame