Played By Hausman Vol.1

Client: CLT is Creative

Volume 1 of my new music video series – Played By Hausman – with Ben Premeaux and Dan Hood, for Matt Olin and Tim Miner’s ongoing Biscuit CLT project. Matt and Tim are awesome. If you have not checked out CreativeMornings Charlotte or Charlotte is Creative, I highly recommend both!

Matt and Tim asked me to produce a monthly series where I perform a local business or product each month and then compose a piece of music from the sounds. They knew this was right up my alley as it is one of the most requested things I do for film scoring and commercial music.

I suggested that we feature a new solo artist each month and I asked CLT Cinematography badass Ben Premeaux if he would join me in this ongoing project. I was thrilled that he was down to collaborate. The first location is my second studio, Not Just Coffee Atherton Mill location. The first featured artist is guitarist and pedal steel player Dan Hood of The Blue Dogs and The Hoodies.

Thanks to Groundcrew for final mix and Gabby Obremski for help with the edit. And very special thanks to L, Alex and the rest of the crew at Not Just Coffee!

All sounds except piano, pedal steel and guitar are from Not Just Coffee.